Hello guys sorry we haven’t updated in a while, we got low stock in all the new designs but be sure to check the online store ( YES THAT IS NOW UP AND RUNNING ) to see what sizes and what designs we currently have! STAY TUNED!


    Charlie Snacks - That Feeling

    First vid 


    Whats up guys, Just dropped of some tshirts at Eleven of Diamonds Skate Store in Norwich! Get down there and check it out!

    What’s happening?!

    Well, we got new tshirts coming out very soon. We got a photo shoot planned and ready to go ahead soon as we have new stock in. And we are hoping for some nice summer like weather. Peace.

    Wanna chill out, take a listen to this, You by DTMD. Hip hop still has hope!

    Rest in peace, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Died three years ago today, truly changed the history of music.

    News Man.

    Keep yo’ eyes peeled, photo shoot soon, new clothes will be appearing!